I’ve lived in Tung Chung for almost eight years, and in those eight years of living in Lantau Island… I’ve never been to Tai O! Mui Wo and Pui O, yes. But not Tai O.

Tai O

I only got to visit the place because of a work related event (haha that got me going). It was actually the perfect opportunity because I don’t think I’d ever go by choice just because its quite far and unlike Mui Wo/Pui O I have no friends residing in Tai O.

From Tung Chung to Tai O by bus, its about a 30 minute ride. Once we arrived, I immediately thought that Tai O looked a lot like Cheung Chau to me in terms of their local markets around and their gigantic fish balls (LOL). With only the population of about 2000, its super isolated from anything urban and completely in the country side, which makes you really appreciate Hong Kong’s natural beauty instead of its cliché skyscrapers in Central or Tsim Sha Tsui. Its just your typical authentic Chinese Fishing Village. Its also known for their ‘Tai O Heritage Hotel’…

Brief history of their hotel: The hotel used to be a police station back in 1902. From 1996 to 2002 it became a patrol post as crimes in Hong Kong decreased. In 2009 they restored the land into a beautiful nine room boutique hotel while still keeping its authenticity and history. 

Tai O

My work event actually took place at the hotel, so we made our way there by ferry which was only less than a 5 minute ride!

In my point of view, the hotel felt like the perfect getaway spot. Whether you’re with your partner or your whole family, their rooms accommodate just like any 4 star hotel! However, I was told that you’d need to book at least a month in advance due to them only having nine rooms.

Tai O

Staying in your room all day would be amazing enough, but exploring the fishing village would be worth the walk and a little sweat during this summer heat. Walking around the village, it was quite refreshing to not see tall buildings or being shoved by commuters in the MTR because they can’t wait to get a seat in the train. Tai O was a breath of fresh air. So if you ever want to get away from the city or even visit the old parts of Hong Kong, take a trip down to Tai O by yourself or with some friends/family!

Tai O

Tai O

Tai O

Tai O

– Pau


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